Restoration your wood floor

Your flooring is one of the most important things in your home. It’s usually the first thing you and your visitors see when crossing the doorstep of your property. That’s why it’s so crucial to spend special attention to the flooring when redecorating your home in London on a budget!

You will start with the most extravagant flooring technique – decoupage! Basically, decoupaging different surfaces means you choose good looking sheets of paper, cut them in pieces of different size, arrange and glue them down the flooring surface with a special adhesive for decoupage, cover the flooring with layer/s of decoupage lacquer and wait. Wait until the finish is completely dry.1-BrZX6NeiVGxfRhy_zvmRWg

The Best Ways to Clean Hardwood Floors

The Best Ways to Clean Hardwood Floors

-Prep your floor for cleaning by sweeping or dust-mopping to get rid of large particles of dirt and debris.
-Use a pH neutral cleaner that will be gentle on your hardwood floors.
-Use a fine spray mist to clean your floor in sections. Avoid putting too much liquid on your floors.
-Use a microfiber mop to clean. Traditional mops can work, but they can leave excess water on your floors.
-Skip using white vinegar and water to clean your floors. Using a specially formulated hardwood floor care cleaner is a smart way to maintain the beauty and look of your floors.






PINE: Pine is a softwood which grows in most areas of the Northern Hemisphere. There are more than 100 species worldwide.

Properties: Pine is a soft, white or pale yellow wood which is light weight, straight grained and lacks figure.It resists shrinking and swelling. Knotty pine is often used for decorative effect.
Uses: Pine is often used for country or provincial furniture. Pickled, whitened, painted and oil finishes are often used on this wood.

ASH: There are 16 species of ash which grow in the eastern United States. Of these, the white ash is the largest and most commercially important.

Properties: Ash is a hard, heavy, ring porous hardwood. It has a prominent grain that resembles oak, and a white to light brown colour. Ash can be differentiated from hickory (pecan) which it also resembles, by white dots in the darker summer wood which can be seen with the naked eye. Ash burls have a twisted, interwoven figure.
Uses: Ash is widely used for structural frames and steam bent furniture pieces. It is often less expensive than comparable hardwoods.

HICKORY: There are 15 species of hickory in the eastern United States, eight of which are commercially important.

Properties: Hickory is one of the heaviest and hardest woods available. Pecan is a species of hickory sometimes used in furniture. It has a close grain without much figure.
Uses: Wood from the hickory is used for structural parts, especially where strength and thinness are required. Decorative hickory veneers are also commonly used.


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